Jitters out.
Yerba Mate in.

Get a zero-waste natural energy boost with MateCaps and quit sugary caffeinated drinks.

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Life is too interesting to live tired

Unlike coffee pods or sugary canned energy drinks, our naked yerba mate Caps are 100% compostable and give you that feel good energy, so you can focus without the jitters. Our blends are all natural, functional and sugar-free.

Discover Yerba Mate

How does MateCaps work?

1. Water

Open the bottom and fill with hot or cold water

2. Cap

Fill the filter with a Cap, or make your own blend

3. Go

Lift the straw and enjoy!

We got your back

Achieve your highest potential with the natural MateCaps boost. Healthier. Greener. Better.

Clean energy and focus

Multi-use & earth-friendly bottle

Sugar free

Various yerba mate blends

Zero packaging.
100% sustainable.

Monthly supply of Caps
to your door

Bottle benefits

  • 100% Recyclable

  • 14 Oz ~ 410 ml

  • BPA Free

  • Double Wall Keeps It Hot or Cold

  • Leak Proof

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Brew Any Type Of Yerba or Tea

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